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Old School Advertising Tricks that Still Work

22 Jan 2014 Posted by Business Marketing Press in Online Marketing

While technology has continuously influenced and changed the many ways life is lived nowadays, in the field of marketing, new techniques are not solely taking the limelight. Experts in marketing techniques highlight the effectiveness of incorporating some of the time-tested marketing techniques which have been…

How to Turn Events into Link Building Opportunities

06 Jan 2014 Posted by Business Marketing Press in SEO

Efforts in public relations can very well work positively with SEO. Aside from the media mileage, you also get editorial links. For anyone in a specific industry, link building opportunities abound and they can come from every event that is important to the industry. A…

How Technology Affects Business Today

17 Dec 2013 Posted by Business Marketing Press in Business Tips

There’s no argument about that – businesses these days rely heavily on technology and fast-paced at that. Whether it’s production-based, service-based, etc., businesses are no strangers to technology advances and are in fact at the forefront of technology since time immemorial. Over the years, businesses…

Which Social Network is Best for B2B Marketing

02 Oct 2013 Posted by Business Marketing Press in SOCIAL MEDIA

Most B2B marketers are capitalizing on the power of social networks today more than they ever did in the past. It’s a clear showing of the impact social network has in terms of marketing effectiveness. But which of the social network offers the best platform…